San Diego Clean Slate Clinic

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What to do BEFORE you come to the Clinic:

1.  Get your case information:

  •      CA Department of Justice (DOJ) Rap Sheet (click HERE for instructions)
  •      Bring any paperwork related to your criminal cases.


2.  Find out if you owe any fines, fees or restitution for your criminal cases.

     For cases in San Diego County, call the San Diego County office of Revenue and Recovery at (619) 515-6200.

3.  Gather the following documents:

  •      Receipts of payment for fines, fees or restitution; or proof of payment plan
  •      Copies of recent background checks
  •      Proof of completed community service, volunteering
  •      Proof of completed court-mandated or voluntary programs
  •      Proof of completed education or other post-conviction accomplishments
  •      Letters of recommendation from pastor, programs, friends