The San Diego Clean Slate Clinic is staffed by volunteer attorneys, supervised law students and members of the community.

We provide free legal information, NOT legal advice. 

We are a volunteer-driven organization and do our best to serve all seeking our help, but due to fluctuations in our volunteer staff we cannot guarantee being able to assist every person that shows up on that day.  If we are not able to provide-same day assistance, we will review your information and make sure you are prepared for the following month.

Community Partners

Always get a copy of your background check so you can make sure that there are no mistakes or information that should not be on your background check report.  

Background Checks

Volunteer-based Community Clinic

What We’re Doing

The San Diego Clean Slate Clinic is a volunteer-driven, community-based organization that provides free post-conviction legal assistance to individuals who continue to be affected by the criminal justice system.   In 2012, a public defender, a community organizer and a recent law school graduate recognized that there was a need to provide hands-on, comprehensive same-day expungement services to San Diego County residents who were looking for jobs, trying to find housing, and ready to move on with their lives.  Eight years later, the Clean Slate Clinic is still committed to empowering individuals to rise above and beyond their past and to educating and engaging the community around the collateral consequences of the criminal justice system. ​​

PLEASE NOTE:  Important changes are coming to the Clinic in 2020!  Due to a lack of resources to support our services, we will be implementing a reduction in services.  Please check our website for updates regarding 2020 Clinic dates, hours and locations.