​​Completed DOJ Record Request Form

This form is available on our website (see FORMS) or you can complete it on-site at the Clinic.  If you requested a DOJ fee waiver in advance and it was approved, please bring the pre-printed form the DOJ mailed back to you.  This will waive the $25 ​ DOJ processing fee.

Bring Valid ID

Please bring a government-issued photo ID.  Expired IDs will NOT be accepted.

$25 DOJ Livescan Fee OR Fee Waiver

The DOJ charges $25 for a copy of your Rap Sheet.  Fee waivers are available if you are receiving government assistance or meet an income threshold.  You will need to provide proof such as EBT card, Medi-Cal card, determination letter from SSI, Social Security, Disability, Unemployment, or income verification (pay stub, tax return, letter from homeless shelter or transitional home).  

$15 Rolling Fee

 In addition to the DOJ Fee, you must pay a rolling fee to the Livescan Operator. Community Livescan Services offers reduced rolling fee of $15.  Other fingerprinting services are offered at DOJ listed prices.  We accept cash or credit.

Get Fingerprinted
To receive the discounted price, you must be fingerprinted onsite at the Clean Slate Clinic.  If you cannot attend the Clinic, you can find a list of Livescan Operators on the DOJ's website, which includes information on locations, hours, prices and payment types accepted.  The average price is $20-25.

Need your DOJ Rap Sheet?  

Livescan Fingerprinting​ is now available

onsite ​at the Clean Slate Clinic!

When you arrive at the Clinic, please let the Registration desk know you need Livescan services so they can assign you an appointment time.

PLEASE NOTE:Important changes are coming to the Clinic in 2020!  Due to a lack of resources to support our services, we will be implementing a reduction in services.  Please check our website for updates regarding 2020 Clinic dates, hours and locations.  


CA Department of Justice

You should receive your DOJ Rap sheet in 1-2 weeks. Call the DOJ at (916) 227-3835 with any questions.  

Community Livescan Servicescommunitylivescan@gmail.com

Livescan Forms

Livescan Locations

San Diego Clean Slate Clinic

 On-site at the Clinic

South Metro Career Center

4389 Imperial Avenue, San Diego, CA 92113

$25 DOJ Fee (or Fee Waiver)

Discounted$15 Rolling Fee 

DOJ List of Livescan Operators

How to Get Your DOJ Rap Sheet

Community Livescan Services