What to Bring

1. DOJ Rap Sheet (Get it here) / case info

​2. Copies of recent background checks

3. Proof of completed community service

4. Proof of completed court-mandated or voluntary programs

​5. Proof of completed or in-progress education​ or other post-conviction accomplishments

6. Letters of recommendation from pastor, programs or friends speaking to your character & who you are today

7. Receipts of payments for fines, fees or restitution; or proof of payment plan​​

How to Prepare for the Clinic

Clean Slate Clinic - Legal Services

The San Diego Clean Slate Clinic provides FREE legal assistance with expungements, early termination of probation, and felony reductions to misdemeanor.  We may also be able to assist with Prop 47 and Prop 64.


We may be able to assist you with your CA convictions if you are currently NOT on parole and/or have served at least HALF of your probation term and are not currently charged with a new offense.  We can only help with California cases, no out-of-state or federal convictions.

Services Offered

We offer assistance with expungements, early termination of probation, felony reductions to misdemeanor, Prop 47 and Prop 64.

Criminal Case Information / DOJ Rap Sheet

In order to receive assistance at the Clinic, you will need to provide information on your criminal cases.   If you do not have your case information, you may get your DOJ Rap Sheet by getting Livescan fingerprints at the Clinic.  Your DOJ Rap Sheet will show all of your adult convictions in the state of California.

Fines / Fees / Restitution

For San Diego cases, please contact the Office of Revenue and Recovery at (619) 515-6200 to inquire about monies owed.